Developing an urban pluvial flood early warning service for, but also by citizens and city authorities


Pluvial floods occur when heavy rainfall exceeds the capacity of a city’s drainage system. Due to their fast onset and localized nature, such floods cause significant damage to urban environments and are difficult to manage.


Brussels, Rotterdam and Birmingham are the pilot cities for this project. Citizens will be actively involved in the monitoring of rainfall and pluvial flooding, making use of low-cost sensors and web-based technologies.


• Operational crowdsourced data collection ‘FloodCitiSense’ platforms in pilot cities 
• Urban pluvial flood early warning  systems co-created in living labs 
• Summary of lessons learnt of the crowdsourcing and co-creation of flood early  warning service


Discover our mobile and web application for pluvial flooding! With the FloodCitiSense app, one can easily create their own rain or flood report and contribute to flood forecasting for research purposes and better urban management.

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